About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Miresi Consult is a research, development and communications consulting firm based in Nairobi Kenya, incorporated in 2013 as a limited liability company. The focus of Miresi is to promote Socio-economic Development by consulting for organizations locally and globally. Our view is to assist our clients achieve assignment-specific objectives, which feed into their overall visions and mandates.

We therefore provide technical and advisory services to organizations in the areas of qualitative and quantitative research (baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end term evaluations and situational analyses), development communications, strategic communications, public relation and brand management, media relations, corporate communication and digital strategy.

The firm comprises vastly experienced professionals with backgrounds in the above fields and other peripheral areas relevant to the firm’s strategic focus. At Miresi, we use both empirical and qualitative data, carefully developed tools and appropriate scientific approaches and methodologies to generate recommendations.


A preferred world-class research, development and communications consulting firm.

Mission Statement

To utilize innovative, data-driven interventions leveraging on both community-based and outsourced resources to effectively, efficiently and sustainably address the needs of our clientele.

Core Values

  • Community support, community participation and client involvement
  • Accountability, transparency, efficiency and responsiveness
  • Supremacy of human rights, particularly gender equality, and rights of marginalized groups
  • Commitment to professionalism
  • Partnership and collaboration with like-minded individuals, agencies and institutions
  • Environmental friendliness and environmental preservation
  • Non-partisan and non-political approach to development